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I want more…

I want more to life than the status quo, than just an African gal whose only ambition, is to go through school (now that we are in the 21st century) and only allowed to dream of marriage as the ultimate goal in life. Why should it be like that. That while having a conversation as a current graduate, 90% of these questions are about a man in my life or about my husband to be, or the guy am supposing  staying with, and an addition a true concern and disbelief that am single. Don’t get me wrong, a husban or boyfriend is not a bad thing, these come at God’s timing, but isn’t there more to life? Rarely do people ask me, “what are your aspirations in life? what projects do you want to do? and my favorite, what are you doing to change the world?
Because of some of the norms in our society, girls don’t dare to dream beyond people’s expectations and we also grow up knowing this is the ultimate peak in life. I know girls who were genuinely worried and sad because they are graduating without a stable relationship or one that would lead to a marriage, whose dreams are to graduate get a husband, own a boutique a good house and car. I used to be angry and mad at them that they would not want more to life but released that this is all they choose to know, all they have known, from parents, brothers and friends and this is sad.
We cannot ignore the fact that more than half of our population as Uganda is female, therefore if we continue to put women in a box of what they can achieve then we at a loss. Raising little girls showing them that your job as a woman is to give birth, raise children and take care of husbands and homes. Again don’t get me wrong, this is not bad at all, on the contrary, to me its instinct, the way we were made as women, default settings, so giving birth taking care of a home, children and husband is something normal that brings joy, a beautiful thing but what about more, helping other women out of poverty, raising leaders in communities, raising the money to feed millions of starving children, finding cures to diseases and mentoring young girls to be more, dream more that the sky is only the beginning. Instead, we are living mediocre lives either struggling to feed our children or bragging to our peers on owning latest phones, handbags and hairstyles and how we don’t work but have all these things because our husbands can afford them. I refuse to be defined by what you think I am, because of who you think I am and how I look like. To think for me before I say a word, to judge me with your eyes and not hear what I have to say, to refuse to give me a chance to go beyond your expectations. I choose to walk in the finished works of my father, in my new identity that I have been given everything patterning to life and Godliness.
I want more, to be an agent of the change I want to see in my country, if we keep complaining about what the government should do and forget that the government is made of people like us, repeating the same mistakes generation after generation, again we fail. I choose to find the purpose that God has placed in my heart and live an intentional life, someone told me that however much pressure society puts on you, at the end of the day it’s your choice, change starts in your heart. Embracing the identity that God has graciously given to you and reminding yourself of what he says about you every day. So here is to all the women, girls and husbands who choose to see more, fathers and brothers that encourage the women in their lives to have purposeful and intentional lives. The people in my life have guided me and reminded me of all that God says about me, that am beautiful, am brave, am intelligent, am patient, caring, innovative among so many and taught me not to settle for the middle but always aim for the highest, keeping me accountable and I truly believe that I can be part of those women that change not only my country but the world.


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